How to incrase the hotel rank on OTA?

Travelers will always compare their target hotels before they start to travel.
For hoteliers, they always consider the decision between direct booking or booking from OTA.
However, it’s not worth it for hoteliers to worry about this problem as the travel trends are obvious that most travelers prefer to use OTA(online travel agency) to book rooms and compare prices and hotel’s facilities at the same time.
More than 90% of customers don’t like to book on branded websites as they don’t know how to find the branded website and they also worry that the price is higher on the branded website.
The Hotel is a part of the whole trip and travelers can’t spend all their budgets on hotels and this is the common sense between travelers.

Besides, the OTA is already helping hoteliers to obtain many room revenues.
If hoteliers know how to improve their ranking position on OTA, they will obtain more room revenues obviously.

Let’s explain in more detail about how to improve the ranking of OTA.

Key factors:

  1. Photos and description (content quality)
  2. Reviews of customers
  3. Conversation rate of your room on OTA
  4. Commision to OTA

For big OTAs, they provide analytics reports for hoteliers to check their hotel  rank to know how to optimize and improve.

Why is a better rank important on OTA?
The rank of property is important for hotelier and OTA both.
For hoteliers, they can get more room reservations from OTA to increase their room revenues.
For OTA, to sell more rooms and get more commision from hoteliers.
Therefore, OTA always puts most efforts on the rank of hotel.
OTA expects to sell hotels ASAP and earn revenues from hoteliers ASAP.

Content quality is important for OTA.
It’s easy to understand that attractive content can get more eyeballs from travelers.
It means that the opportunity to get orders is higher.
Therefore, please make sure your content quality is best and make sure your content can attract travelers to book your rooms.
For the general case, you should provide details of facilities, services of your hotels.
People don’t like hotels which lack key information.

How to increase the rank of your hotel on OTA?
No matter for online or offline business, all hotels expect to increase revenues.
To increase the rank on OTA is a key factor for hotels for their business operation.

You need to sell your rooms at the right price on OTA channels.

Key tip:
If the conversation rate of your room is higher than competitors, you will get a better rank position on OTA and it’s because OTA can get more revenues from you.

Now, let’s see how to improve the rank of your hotel.
First, you need to choose the right OTA platforms.

There are many OTA platforms in the market now and please don’t describe your rooms to all available OTA as it will impact your selling quality.
You should use no more than 4 OTA platforms to distribute your rooms.
How to choose which OTA platforms to sell your rooms?
You should choose by your region and market.

OTA always puts a lot of advertisements on search engines, social media and TV.
Therefore, your customers search their target on those OTA which they know from above channels.

OTA already do their best to reach your possible customers and all you should do is select those famous OTA channels in your country or region.

When you choose OTA platforms, you should consider their commision rate, cancellation policy, fee policy, tax policy and target audiences.

Please remember that you need to manage OTA platforms that you choose.
So, you need to control room stock, rate, content, etc.
That’s why we suggest not to put your property on more than 4 OTA platforms to reduce your effort and mistakes.

Always making sure your content is updated is important.
What’s your content?
Your content includes photos , facilities, cancel policy, customer support, room rate and all about your property.
Make sure your customers can know the location of your property easily and quickly.

For the general case, we suggest that you should upload about 25-30 photos about your room, facility, environment and all those photos should be high-quality and clear and bright.

Collect and respond to all reviews of customers.
No matter positive reviews or negative reviews.
If you don’t respond to customers’ feedback especially for negative reviews will cause potential customers worry about your attitude.
There are many reputation collection and management systems, select one and use it to manage customers’ feedback.

Besides, customers also share their opinions on Google map, TripAdvisor and you should manage their comments too.

To keep room rate competitive.
OTA will check your room rate and their search engine will put better weight for those properties with lower room rate on their channels.
OTA also collects room rate if your property on other channels.
If your room price is higher than others, the weight or score of your property will be reduced.

Reduce the cancellation rate.
The room cancel rate is important for OTA. We suggest that your cancel policy should be suitable for your potential customers.
It means that your cancel policy can’t be strict and difficult to cancel or too easy to cancel.

How to reduce the cancellation rate?
You need to collect the reason that customers’ cancel their orders and you should take action to reduce the cancellation rate.
Keeping a lower cancel rate is important for you and OTA.

To cooperate with your OTA manager.
There should be an OTA manager assigned to help you manage your property.
They know all programs, events and promotions of OTA.
So, you should co-work with them to align their promotion package and your property can get more eyeballs by these events.

Most customers like to read reviews, compare room prices on OTA.
Therefore, putting an advertisement budget on OTA is good to get more room orders.
When customers search hotels on Google, they will be taken to the OTA and that’s what you should put on the advertisement budget on OTA.

How to arrange your marketing budget between OTA and branded websites?
50%/50% is a good percentage of your marketing budget arrangement to OTA and your branded website as it’s the current customer distribution percentage in the world.

According to a search engine report, is the biggest spender on paid search advertising like Google Ads.
There is a new Google product “Google Hotel Ads” and it’s opened for hoteliers to promote their properties on Google hotel Ads and it’s a good option if you expect to get more promotion.

Competitor analytics?
To understand your competitors in the same region is very important.
Most hoteliers only care about the room rate.
The room rate is important for hotels to get more room revenues but it’s not the major factor to impact customers.
According to our research, the hotel star and review(rating) is a key factor for customers when they decide.

The is a good entry point for hoteliers to understand and compare their property with others.
There are rank, room type, customer distribution, negative reviews and positive reviews of hotels on

As a hotelier, you need to use to understand yourself and your competitor.
You need to use an ota miner to understand how many rooms are sold, room price of each room type.

OTA miner is a suggested solution to survey your competitors.

Join a partner program like the Genius program to promote your property.
To join those OTA programs, you have the opportunity to increase room revenues.
The purpose of joining those OTA partnership programs is trying to be listed at the 1th or 2th page on OTA.

You may know that customers only select hotels on the top 10 pages.
It’s not a secret for hoteliers if it’s their first time to know it.
Keep in mind that your property can’t get ordered if it’s not listed at top 10 pages.

If your property is listed on 1th or 2th page, your conversation rate should be very high.
You should take the opportunity to get more orders and try to stay on 1th or 2th pages on OTA.
If you are urgent about your property ranking on OTA and have no solution to be listed on top 10 pages, you can try or
OTA rank/ranking is a service to help you to boost your hotel to top 10 pages.

Make sure you have enough available room stock on OTA.
We suggest opening at least 90 days room stock for booking on OTA.
Many customers prefer to book a room three month before their trip.
If a customer can’t book your room, you will lose the opportunity.
If possible, please open a 1 year available room on OTA for customers.

I Hope the above information can help you to get more room orders from OTA.
If you have any questions about OTA, you are welcome to leave a message to us.