How to improve the hotel’s ranking on the OTA?

You need to know all the information about the hotel’s successful rule.
Since there are many factors that affect revenue management, the key is to understand how to optimize and use them.

OTA search results often confuse the hotel channel managers.
The reason why one hotel ranks higher than the other is not clear.
OTA marketing managers usually emphasize that the hotel on the first two pages will obtain for 80%-90% of OTA’s orders.

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So, how can a hotel rank higher in the search results?

Manage your reputation

Hotel reviews and ratings are more important than ever.
OTAs need to meet customer expectations, so they will promote hotels with better reputations.
There is a positive correlation between reputation and hotel revenue.
The relationship percentage between reviews and booking orders is about 40%.

Solicit customer opinions

Don’t wait for guests to leave comments, but actively ask them to help.
Train employees to ask and remind guests to rate the hotel when checking out or in any communication after check-in.

You should design an easy way to allow customers to leave good reviews and ratings to your hotel.
The process should be simplified and easy to operate.
Customers don’t like to be bothered to leave a comment or rating to any hotel until they want to complain something about your hotel.
If you expect your customers to leave good reviews and ratings to your hotel, you should remind them with a bonus and the bonus should be well designed for different kinds of customers.
Some customers prefer discounts, others like free to stay or to be upgraded to VIP level ..etc.
There is no API from OTA to allow hotels to integrate with their PMS system.
Therefore, you should make your best efforts to encourage customers to leave good reviews and ratings after they check-out and they still remember to do this.

Maintain price competitiveness and reasonableness

OTA will give priority to hotels with the best price.

Price is an important factor in OTA search results, because OTA will also score hotels. If the price is determined to be unreasonable, the hotel will be downgraded by the OTA.
OTAs rarely promote expensive hotels (except for hotels with star ratings).

Use price monitoring tools to ensure that prices are competitive, and take a real-time approach to keep an eye on changing room prices.

According to our research, there are tons of rate management or monitoring tools in the world, you can choose any one which you like.
But we need to remember a key point, the rate is not the key for most customers and OTA as almost all hotels already use this kind of tool.
Therefore, the lowest price and rate monitor/management tool is useless for OTA customers.
You and your competitors are using these tools and losing your room revenues.

Regularly update hotel facilities

OTA will not show incomplete hotel facilities or bad pictures.
If the content has not been updated for a while, this may affect your ranking.

These factors will also affect your room conversion rate.

The better your room is converting into a reservation, the better position it will be shown on the search results page.

A complete description of rooms and facilities can increase conversion rates by 5%, and doubling the number of photos can increase booking rates by 4.5%.
The Above information is coming from the expedia group.

Use beautiful photos and provide at least three photos for each room type provided.
If you use a technology provider to distribute content, please set a monthly time to verify that your content has indeed been successfully distributed.

Manage your channels

If done well, channel management tools can help hotels push inventory to the most profitable channels.
By in-depth understanding of your cross-channel revenue mix, you can prioritize the channels with the highest returns and offer competitive prices.

The algorithms of OTA search engines tend to rank hotels with high conversion rates at the top.
By allocating more inventory to the channel with the highest conversion rate, room revenue can be increased.

I Hope that the above information can help you to get more room revenues.
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