Do you need to worry about how to get on the top page of the largest online travel agency (OTA) list?

You don’t have to worry about your hotel’s visibility to appear in search engine rankings as there are tons of solutions for SEO, advertising, and promotion on Google.

Instead, do you need to worry about how to get on the top page of the largest online travel agency (OTA) list?

OTA listings are critical to the online distribution strategy of small hotels.
In fact, in terms of hotel reservations, OTA is the largest or second largest sales channel!

You can choose to work with them to gain a foothold in a lucrative market, or be left behind.

Here are some strategies that all hotels can use to get to the top of the OTA list.

Create reviews
Small hotels cannot rely on the good reputation of big brands.
This is why positive reviews can drive OTA rankings and bookings.

The number of bookings for hotels without reviews will be reduced because travelers value reviews and they don’t want to be white rats (40%).

In fact, there is a 1.4% chance that a hotel with more than 50 recommendations will be booked, so of course the more reviews the better, but the number of reviews x score = influence.

If you have 2,000 reviews, but the average score is 7, then consumers will think that 2,000 people think your hotel is worth only 7.
This is not as good as only 800 reviews, but the average score is 8.

Update your content

OTA likes to give higher rankings to hotels that provide complete information, because travelers are more likely to book them, so your small hotel information needs to be as complete and up-to-date as possible.

Complete descriptions of rooms and hotel facilities (not partial descriptions) increase your room conversion rate by 5% and increase your average daily rate (ADR) by $5.
When you double the number of pictures on the OTA, it can increase your booking rate by 4.5% and increase your ADR by $3.50.

Don’t forget to use high-resolution photos!

Another thing to remember is that OTA allows customers to filter by categories such as “free wifi” and “free parking.”

Make sure that customers can see your hotel when consumers look for a hotel when they use search filters.
This means that your hotel facilities must have “free wifi”, “free parking”, and other options.

Work with your OTA PM

If you have run an ecommerce business, have worked with a large e-commerce platform, you know that every e-commerce platform will have a PM, and each PM is responsible for a different category.

Since they are all in charge of their monthly KPI, if they fail to achieve their KPI, they will be scolded by their boss.

Therefore, they will continue to arrange various promotional activities,

Usually they will arrange annual promotion plans for the whole year.

These promotion plans are usually related to the topic, the festival (Mother’s Day, Christmas, Dragon Boat Festival, New Year’s Day, Ching Ming Festival).

In addition, if the platform can’t reach their KPI, they will prepare more promotional plans to ensure that they can achieve the KPI assigned to them by their boss.

However, PMs want to achieve their KPIs and they must give priority to the best selling, fastest, hottest products, and the necessities that consumers usually buy most, and put them into the items that achieve the KPI.

Then, they will take the initiative to contact the manufacturers that provide these products,

Since there are usually more than one market provider, they can choose from any of them.
But if the product is special and popular recently, they will be urgent because they have KPI pressure.

Okay, you understand the source of pressure for PMs and their method of assigning KPIs,

You now have to come back and evaluate yourself:

  1. Have you drawn up your annual sales plan? Have you arranged your room sales strategy with various festivals, topics and trends?
    I am not talking about price, price is not the point, the point is that you have to seize consumer trends .
  2. You need to prepare a room sales plan for the entire next year at the end of each year.
  3. You have to inquire about the annual sales plan of the online travel agency platform (OTA) you want to cooperate with.
    Remember, they can make tens of billions of dollars in revenue every year.
    It must be planned, and your plan needs to be aligned with theirs plan, or your sales strategy will become disorganized and very passive.
  4. Integrate your annual sales plan with the OTA’s annual sales plan.
  5. After the annual sales plan is completed, you must appropriately allocate inventory, price (discount), market volume (popularity, advertising)
  6. Market volume.
    You need to ask marketers to plan.
    It is best to create market topics, so that consumers can see your advertisement on the Internet at a specific time and discuss your hotel, promotion and packages, as well as matching plans or promotion plans.
  7. When some popular products were first launched, the sales channels were all occupied, and bloggers and forums were constantly sharing these things, and they still said they couldn’t buy them.
    It is also a marketing strategy to cause unavailability, which is called hunger marketing.
  8. Don’t just cut prices.
    The price cuts are all used by the OTA PM to achieve activity KPIs.
    Of course, it can also help you achieve high performance, but usually you should not use price reduction as a strategy, because if you usually cut prices, then when the OTA has to operate their discount program, your price is not pretty.
  9. In addition to the standard annual room sales strategy, you also need to prepare a marketing strategy for emergencies, such as a singer may come to stay, or some activities will be held near your hotel, such as marathon events, concerts, politics Election, leadership meeting, or death of a celebrity (that celebrity used to stay in your hotel)

Remember, OTA does not help you, OTA will only help them achieve KPIs that the company confessed to them through your sales.
And you need to undertake the room sales plan for your own hotel.

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