Get higher rank on OTA by your hotel’s profile

OTA ranking is a very common question… and there are many answers, because each channel has its own hotel ranking criteria.
These standards also change frequently, and even the most savvy hotel operators have difficulty keeping track of the latest changes in each channel.

You can use the following steps to optimize your hotel’s OTA profile to improve your ranking, get more bookings, and earn more revenue for your hotel.

Understand what customers are looking for in OTA

The first step in mastering OTA is to understand what conditions consumers usually use when searching for hotels.
(Usually free wifi, free parking, late check-out, early check-in, breakfast included)


Managing your hotel’s reviews has a huge impact on your hotel’s ranking.
The OTA will look at the quality, and sentiment of the reviews (positive or negative reviews), as well as the trend of the ratings (up, down, or flat).
Generally speaking, your hotel’s rating should remain consistent or increase, rather than decrease.
You also need to show high-quality reviews with positive sentiment (that is, customers who give you no complaints).

Material quality (photos, hotel introduction, facility introduction).

Each channel has its own criteria to evaluate the quality of your hotel’s profile.
It is usually related to the quantity and quality of pictures (bright, clear, high-quality) and whether you have listed all the facilities of your hotel and the completeness of your profile.

Hotels with higher scores are always ranked higher.


Certain channels also allow you to choose to accept a higher commission rate to push your hotel to a higher position in the search results.
When negotiating competitive commissions with large budget hotel chains, OTAs often put independent hotels at a disadvantage.

Auction bids and promotions.

On auction-based search platforms, such as TripAdvisor, Google Hotel Ads, and Trivago, users can bid on ad placements for certain keywords so that their hotels will appear first in search results.

Winners will always be ranked ahead of others.
Any special promotions for customers of this channel will also have an impact when determining rankings.

Of course, these are only the primary criteria that determine the hotel OTA ranking.
You need to focus on the hotel’s most important channels in order to track any relevant changes they request.

Since there are many OTAs, large-scale,,, google hotel ads,,, due to limited time and manpower, do not put your hotel on too many OTAs.

In addition, if you put the room on many OTA platforms, you can’t manage the content on the shelves properly.
So from the perspective of market share, and are definitely the largest.
And has become the third largest in the world because of the China market.
And is the fourth largest in the world.

Review your hotel OTA profile

Once you set up the OTA’s hotel profile, most of your work may be completed, but this does not mean that you have completed it completely.
This is because a large part of setting the best hotel profile is to evaluate what is effective and optimize the profile of all channels if necessary.
Each channel has its own requirements, so you can spend some extra time fine-tuning and optimizing your content on a channel-by-channel basis.

But you need to do some research on the background of OTA first,
You can use to do some simple research on the age and area of ​​OTA visitors.
In addition, you can also see which OTAs will advertise on TV media, social media, and newspapers.

The following is what to look for in content review:


Does your property profile contain high-quality pictures?
Is the description accurate and grammatically correct?
Are all your amenities listed? (This item is very important, because some customers will use some filters when looking for a hotel, such as free wifi, free parking)
Does the content reflect your brand and guest experience?
Hotel profiles with high-quality photos and full descriptions will always perform better.


Is the hotel information complete?
Have you made the most of everything the channel has to offer?
You need to upload the required number of high-quality photos and provide information for each available section.
If there is a lack of information or images, you may lose your order because you did not provide users with the information they need to book.

Larger OTAs have the budget to test what is best for their customers, so you need to provide all the information they request to get a better OTA ranking and ultimately more bookings.
This is the so-called A/B testing, but doing A/B testing is usually directly on the performance of the hotel.
But this factor has little effect on the ranking of hotels.

Customer service.

Does the hotel profile answer all the correct questions? (For example, when can you check-in, when can you check out, how long before you can cancel for free, can you leave your luggage?)
Does it target customers in that particular group?
The most useful hotel profile provides potential guests with all the information they need, so they don’t need to dig further.
Make sure to provide as much detailed information as possible, including any additional costs, such as parking fees or pet fees, or important information, such as upcoming construction.
Potential guests will appreciate your transparency.

Regarding hotel analysis, if you want to know more, you can go to