How to improve your hotel OTA ranking

When consumers search for hotels on any online travel agency (OTA), the order in which the hotels appear is determined by the OTA.
Travelers don’t know the relevance of rankings, but the order is important because consumers usually choose their hotel from the first two pages of search results.

If your hotel is listed outside top 10, please contact with and get help.

OTA uses scores to rank various attributes, such as reviews, commissions, conversion rates, and content quality (mainly visual effects and description).
Some OTAs allow hoteliers to view their rankings and what they can do to get higher rankings.
In addition to increasing the commission for OTAs, you should also consider the following things to improve your content score and ranking:

  1. Visual effects

In short, high-quality visual effects are a must.
Hotels need to display a variety of different high-resolution photos.
Both visual quality and quantity play a role in your score ranking – the more the better. Expedia research shows that high-resolution photos can translate into more bookings.

  1. Description

Maintaining an updated, relevant, comprehensive and regularly updated description of your hotel facilities will also improve your content score. It must be detailed and contain information that will attract travelers to book.

  1. Room type

Make sure that there are four or more photos of each room type sold on OTA. Consumers want to see the visual effects of the various room types provided. This also increases their chances of booking up-sell rooms.

  1. Prices and offers

OTAs will compare your prices on their platform with your branded website prices and the prices of competing hotels to determine your score. Offering packages and value-added services will also affect your score.

  1. Reviews

Encouraging guests to leave comments can improve your score.
Positive reviews can influence a customer’s decision to choose a higher-priced hotel, rather than choosing a cheaper hotel with negative reviews.
If the prices of two hotels are the same, the hotel with a higher rating is more likely to be booked.

These factors affect every hotel listed on the OTA. In order to be discovered by consumers among thousands of competing hotels, hoteliers should increase their content scores.