Why a certain hotel ranks higher on the booking website than your own hotel?

As a hotelier, have you ever wondered why a certain hotel ranks higher on the booking website than your own hotel?

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Hotel rankings on online travel agencies (OTAs) are often a problem for hotel revenue and channel managers.
There is no clear reason for the different rankings, and each booking site is different.

Each channel will also have its own hotel ranking rules, and will change frequently, which is challenging for experts.
It is difficult to determine the hotel ranking algorithm, but understanding the revenue impact is beneficial to every hotel.

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According to booking.com, they generally estimate that 80-90% of bookings come only from the first two pages of the list.

One constant factor in OTA is the conversion rate.
If the hotel gets more bookings, it will rank higher compared to other hotels.
Most OTAs hope that their guests can find the ideal hotel as soon as possible.

In order to gain an advantage on these sites, your hotel should consider these tips on how to get the best results and increase bookings quickly.
(OTA provides tools so that hotel managers can understand how to optimize)

Some professional tips to improve the ranking of OTA hotels

  1. Manage hotel reviews

OTA expects hotels to have a consistent hotel experience as they advertise on their lists.
Therefore, OTAs will promote hotels with better reputations and reviews to customers.
Hotel operators should pay attention to ratings and reviews, as this will directly affect hotel revenue.

Note that for consumers, a hotel with a score lower than 7 is a worse hotel, and a hotel with a score of 9 or higher is a good hotel.
If your hotel’s score on the OTA is less than 8, I suggest contacting the otaminer.com team immediately,
They will give you some professional and free advice,

It is important to monitor the reputation of all OTA and social media channels, and watch out for negative comments.
Be prepared for crisis management to prevent the incident from getting out of control.
Reputation is the hotel’s most valuable asset because it will improve your ranking on the OTA website.

  1. Take action to get more reviews

As mentioned above, building a hotel’s reputation can be accomplished by getting good reviews.
Don’t wait for reviews from guests, but proactively motivate them to create reviews for your hotel.
When your guests are still in the hotel, it is best to solicit feedback and comments during this time and increase the likelihood of submissions.

Hotels can train hotel staff to ask their guest feedback during checkout, and leave feedback reminders in the room or at the front desk.
A little thank you for leaving a guest review is also a great reward for them, such as a $5 breakfast voucher for the next visit.

Pay attention,
Many hotels think it is for customers to leave comments on paper.
You should invite customers to give your hotel a good review when they receive the questionnaire survey from the OTA after check-out.

According to the working flow of OTA, customers can add reviews to hotels after their check-out.
An email will be sent to the customer to ask the customer for their review of the hotel.
This email is usually sent to customers in about a week,

But customers are usually lazy, and they will directly drop this letter from the OTA check-in experience survey email.
So you have to find a way to give customers some rewards, make them look forward to receiving this email, and quickly log in to the OTA platform, and then give your hotel a good review.
This is very important,  please remember.

  1. Refresh your OTA list content

Once your hotel is listed on the OTA, the hotelier should evaluate the communication effectiveness of the description and photos used.
According to Expedia, complete room and hotel descriptions can increase conversion rates by 5%, and doubling the number of photos can increase booking rates by 4.5%.

The hotel facility descriptions you create should also be optimized for each OTA, because they have their own specific requirements.

First, identify the areas that need improvement, the contact methods in the description such as phone, email, fax, Line, Whatsapp.

This can be adjusted to enhance the professionalism and uniqueness of the hotel.
At the same time, the evaluation of the current room photos will also help improve the hotel’s ranking.
Having high quality and more photos will give guests a clearer picture of what you expect from the hotel.

  1. Maintain reasonable room prices

OTA will punish hotels that violate the price agreement by lowering their rankings and results.
It is best to comply with the OTA agreement and keep the same room price for all OTAs so as not to affect your ranking results.
This will also increase your visibility and increase hotel bookings.

  1. Manage your OTA channel

After putting a hotel on the selected OTA, the next step is to conduct proper channel management and push the hotel inventory to the OTA that is most suitable for the hotel.

Once you understand cross-channel revenue data, you can do this.
This information will enable you to prioritize OTAs with high conversion rates through better hotel inventory and prices.

For independent hotels, it is recommended to use some OTA channel management systems to connect the hotel to the main OTA.
This will give you a better understanding of the hotel and manage all OTAs on one platform.

Using an OTA channel management system is helpful because most customers know these major OTAs in the market.
This will give the hotel an advantage in improving its popularity and higher rankings, which will increase bookings in the long time.