How to respond to negative comments (including google, tripadvisor, booking, expedia, facebook)

Hotel rooms are booked on OTA platforms such as,,,,, and also sold through third-party channels, such as tripadvisor, google keywords, google hotel ads, facebook pages, facebook groups, facebook ad, etc.

You need to face the problem of negative reviews.

Regarding negative reviews, whether it is a malicious message from a competitor or a scam manufacturer, it may also be a consumer who has posted a malicious message because of a misunderstanding.
Of course, in most cases, it may be because of a problem with your product or service.

Regardless of the above, you need to face these negative comments.

According to the survey, more than 85% of consumers will read reviews.

And the way they read reviews is to look at negative reviews first, and directly choose 1-star reviews.
Because the lowest review is one score, consumers think that they can first see what the worst review is, and they can evaluate whether it is acceptable.

For handling negative reviews, how do you deal with your attitude, service and professionalism to your potential customers and existing customers, and let them know how much you value consumer opinions.

Here are the steps you can follow to deal with negative reviews and make customers happy.

  1. Quick assessment
  2. Act fast
  3. Provide solutions

Step 1: Quick assessment

Some negative comments hurt little for the brand, some hurt a lot.

But how do you evaluate whether any negative review has a large or small impact on your product or service?

You need to take action as soon as possible to deal with negative customer reviews.

Normally, you need to prepare an SOP for handling negative reviews.

For each negative comment, your handling SOP should include:

  1. Evaluation of the impact of dissemination by the news media (1-10 points)
  2. Evaluation of the impact of damage to the brand (1-10 points)
  3. Assessment of the impact on revenue (1-10 points)
  4. The impact of being used by social media (1-10 points)
  5. Is there any suspicion of fraud (1-10 points)?
  6. Is it real or fake (1-10 points)
  7. How easy is it to solve the problem? (1-10 points)
  8. Evaluation of the cost and labor cost of solving the problem (1-10 points)

The above 8 items help the industry to quickly evaluate at the first time, and after the evaluation, they can decide what action to take.

After all the above items have been evaluated, you should take action.
The above evaluation time should not exceed half a day.

Step 2: Act fast

As a business owner, you work hard and invest a lot of time to build your small business from scratch.
It’s natural for you to feel attacked by negative customer reviews.
It can damage your online reputation, and compared to that negative review, all the star ratings you have received so far seem to be risked.

It is important to control your emotions and read their feedback objectively, and acknowledge their bad experiences in the response.
Showing your customers that you are taking action.
This can also be a good demonstration of business ethics to potential customers and let them understand your business.

“We are sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience. We value your feedback very seriously. We are happy to serve you next time. Please contact us via our email or customer service phone, thank you.”

“We apologize for failing to satisfy you with our services. Our goal is to provide the best quality customer service and develop our business with high standards. Your customer experience does not meet our standards, which is deeply worrying. Your satisfaction is important to us, and we will ensure that this does not happen again.”

“Thank you for taking the time to provide us with feedback. Your satisfaction is valuable to us. Of course we are sadly to hear that we have not reached the goal, but we will ensure that this situation does not repeat again in the future.”

“Our service did not meet our goals! Sorry for the bad experience. We will investigate this issue and get back to you as soon as possible.”

Face it head-on, and let negative reviews be the driving force for improvement.

In 2009, Domino’s found that netizens left negative reviews on the community, such as “Domino’s Pizza tastes like cardboard”. They chose not to ignore these negative reviews and launched a marketing campaign to face the challenge, which is Pizza Turnaround!
They brought new and improved flavors, and asked the customer who complained about Domino’s Pizza to let him taste the new Pizza!
In the face of negative reviews, Domino’s let consumers know about the problem of the brand and made an interesting video to tell the people how the brand accepts negative reviews humbly and improves the product in response to customers’ opinions.

Step 3: Provide solutions

There are many solutions, but you need to take measures based on the customer’s response.

  1. If it is a fraud, report to the police immediately, and after completing the report, tell the customer that you have completed the report.
    You can post the report record on your official website to let the customer know you were taken on this matter.
  2. If it will be used extensively by the traditional media, it is impossible for you to cooperate with all youtubers or bloggers.
    You need to prepare solutions, current progress, future solutions, causes of problems, how to avoid this problem happening again and other materials.
    After finishing them into press releases, send them to the news media, and publish them on the news media.
  3. If you find that the problem is not on you, do not take strong measures, unless the other party’s attack will have a huge impact on your business.

If you find that it’s not a big problem, you can first express your apologies and explain it from the customer’s point of view.

For online negative reviews, this is a double-edged sword. Although the response is crucial, it is recommended to make a subtle suggestion to transfer the conversation to another private platform.

According to the convenience of customers, you can contact them on other platforms. For example, if you have a customer chat feature on your website or app, you can ask them to make a formal complaint.

Or you directly ask them to contact you via phone or email. If so, please double check and provide the name, position and direct contact information of you, the general manager or customer service representative.

“We hope to investigate and provide a suitable solution for you. If you are willing to discuss further, please contact us by phone and Email. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we hope to have the opportunity to provide the best service to you.”

Please don’t ask them to delete their comments.

If the customer deserves it, provide a refund, or consider providing free services/products.

“On behalf of this hotel, I apologize for this bad customer experience. Our goal is to provide the best service to all customers. We promise that we will not let this happen again. If you choose us again, our staff will be committed to improving their services and providing you with the best service you deserve. In the meantime, please accept my apologies.”

Of course, the service does not have to be so serious.

If a customer complaint is not a big problem, you can respond in a humorous way.

Here are some examples of humorous responses

Someone left a 1-star comment and complained, “I’m all standing in front of the counter. The staff at the counter has not served me yet, and the staff next door has to ask me something.” The boss apologized and said, “We plan to retire this employee in the near future, give us some more time, sorry.”

Some people complained it’s not right. “It’s too salty and too oily… it just feels like white rice and soy sauce…” The boss said politely, “Wu Baochun’s bread is just the dough heated.”

Some people complained “Pork is too fat, too much lard is a bit greasy”, the boss replied “I will ask the pig to lose weight, thank you for your valuable advice”

Some people complained “Don’t delete photos all the time, I don’t dare to admit it if it’s dirty outside”, the boss replied “The store does not have permission to delete photos on Google, and I have no ability to tell the birds outside to not poop”

Someone responded “Business hours until 24:00, but it was sold out at 22:00, and we put everything down before saying that it was sold out today, the service is too bad, I didn’t eat it, and I don’t want to go again” and the boss replied “All are sold out  have been posted, did we make a mistake?”

If your status is not suitable for replying as the owner, you can also find someone to help reply.

For example, someone gave a one-star rating, saying “as a local citizen, but sad for this store”,
As a result, someone’s reply below can interest people’s interest.
1.”Traditional food is always like this, so it will be fragrant, and it will be greasy. It is not surprising. Don’t eat it often. Just like meat dumplings, although it is greasy and fatty, it is delicious, but it is also eaten once or twice a year during the Dragon Boat Festival”.

There are more examples for reference.

Someone reported to the community that they were deceived by Bodyform ads. This message received more than 100,000 likes on the fan group!
For this negative comment, Bodyform did not formally hold a press conference to apologize, but made an interesting response video!
They hired an actor and acted as a virtual CEO. They spoke in a humorous way. After the film went live, they also received enthusiastic responses. The number of views exceeded one million. Not only did they successfully resolve the negative reviews, they also made the brand win.

Another story is about the New York Times complaining that it had tested a Tesla Model S electric car to drive from Washington, DC to Connecticut. Theoretically, this fully-charged car is enough to drive a complete journey, but the story has to be towed to the end because the electricity can’t reach the end.
Five days after the incident, Elon Musk published an article “The Most Bizarre Test Drive” on the official blog, using data to fight.
Tesla also has a group of lovely car owners who formed the “Test Team Tesla Road Trip”.
Through Twitter, they followed John’s route in a live broadcast to refute the New York Times report.

A food blogger recently posted a review of a ramen shop in Chiayi, which was disappointing, claiming that the noodles were battered, but the store urgently announced the monitor screen to clarify that two bloggers came to have a meal that day, and took a long time to take pictures. Dismissal is definitely not a problem with the store. As soon as the article came out, it caused a large number of netizens to debate. Although the blogger had deleted the article afterwards and responded that he would improve it, the netizen did not appreciate it and fighted on his Facebook.

“Shopee Golden Mind” is an occasional online answering activity in conjunction with the shopee event schedule. One of the questions is “What is the greatest common factor of 84 and 98?” The correct answer should be 14, but the answer of the system is shown as 7. A large number of netizens choked on the fan page one after another and got attracted and reported by media reports.
Because it was a math problem, the editor of shopee suddenly wanted to take a virtual avatar to the Nanyang Street cram school to find a math teacher for tuition! The answer was wrongly planted on the evening of the 15th. At 3 o’clock the next day, Shopee posted a post on the Shopee Facebook page. The virtual avatar of Shopee went to Nanyang Street to find a post in cram school to learn mathematics.

KFC in the United Kingdom replaced a new food delivery company. As a result of operational errors, KFC had no chickens to sell. It even needed to temporarily close hundreds of KFC branches. Customers who could not buy KFC were angry. They protested everywhere and even called the police.
When customer anger has led to a serious public relations crisis, KFC advertised in the British Sun and Metro newspapers.
KFC actually spoofed its own logo, changed KFC to FCK, and used self-deprecation to apologize to angry customers. There is no mention of any mistakes made by the food delivery company, and the direct title reads “WE’RE SORRY”, which sincerely said, “A fried chicken shop without chicken, which is not ideal.”